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About Midland Wood Products

Our goal at Midland Wood Products is to supply our customers with quality wood packaging coupled with outstanding personal service. Our product line includes wooden pallets, pallet collars, lumber, and plywood. Our products are excellent quality and our service sets us apart from other suppliers.

We will stop by your facility for an initial visit to make sure we understand your needs specifically. Moving forward, we will visit your facility as needed to insure a consistent product. However, be assured that if your schedule does not allow for an on-site visit we can begin the process via email or phone so you can determine if we are a good fit. We respond to calls and emails 7 days a week.

We produce specialty pallets of any shape or configuration as well as standard 48×40 GMA. We offer pallet treatments ranging from heat treatment for export to treatments that will prevent the growth of mold. And we supply pallet collars, quality lumber and plywood slipsheeting to complement our customers’ wood packaging needs.

Our goal is to become a seamless part of your operation. Our success is recognized when our presence is minimal with no interruption in your day-to-day operations. We are proactive and prevent problems by having systems in place to anticipate them.

We deliver pallets to anywhere in the St. Louis area, Midwest and as far east as Pennsylvania. Please contact us for delivered pricing to your facility.

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Our Strategy

We work closely with each individual customer to create a customized pallet and packaging solution. We provide all of our products with service that reflects a genuine concern for our customers satisfaction. Hands-on. On-Site.

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