Midland Wood Products. is extremely proud to be marking our 15th anniversary – a significant milestone for a family-owned small business.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for the wooden packaging business looks so bright. Demand for pallets and pallet collars continues to grow, and we are pleased to continue to grow our business along with our customers.

Reflecting on the history of this company, we’d like to acknowledge our founder, Donna Krisher. Her faith and determination built this company from the ground up in 2003, taking a risk starting a small business out of her home office, and growing it into the successful corporation it is today. Donna continues to serve as President of Midland Wood Products, and we’ve remained a 100% woman-owned business for 15 years.

To all our customers – We thank you for your continued commitment to Midland Wood Products. We hope to be able to continue to supply you with outstanding service for another 15 years!