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    Midland Wood Products has production assets across the Midwest and beyond to provide our customers with quality wooden pallets at large volumes.

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    GMA-Pharmaceutical-Food Grade Pallets

    We produce consistently high quality, clean, dry and pest free, Typical and Non-Typical GMA Pallets at high volumes. Pallets are produced in a clean environment and are kept in a secure warehouse until shipment. Typical GMA pallets follow the original GMA standard, while Non-Typical GMA Pallets are produced in multiple variations of the original standard according to each customers individual need. We will work with you to provide the exact pallet you need.

    We have capacity to produce 2,000 GMA-Pharmaceutical-Food Grade Pallets per day.

    Heat Treated and Non-Heat Treated

    2-Way or 4-Way

    Export Pallets

    Midland Wood Products has multiple heat treat facilities available to insure that all of our customers have access to export certified pallets. We are members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. The NWPCA continually publishes updates to the ISPM 15 Export Regulation so we are always up-to-date with the latest changes. Our customers can be confident that their pallets will be treated and marked according to the most current revisions to the ISPM15 Regulation.

    Mold Guard Pallets

    We offer mold resistant pallets!

    Upon request, we will dip the pallet lumber in a mold inhibiting solution. This solution penetrates the lumber and provides a barrier to mold growth. Pallets treated with our mold guard solution will remain mold free for 90 days or longer when stored properly.

    The lumber is held in the solution to allow time for optimum penetration into the grains. It is then removed and allowed to stand for 24 hours. During this period, the chemical continues to penetrate and bond with the lumber.

    After the lumber is dry, it has the same handling precautions as untreated lumber so there is no need to change the pallet handling procedures for employees or customers. Treated Lumber is approved by the FDA for food contact and has a barrier that will prevent the growth of mold.

    Please call or email for more information on our mold guard pallets.

    Specialty Pallets

    Any size and any configuration. We can build from specifications supplied by our customer, or we can visit the customer’s facility and make a design recommendation. But our service does not stop at the recommendation. We will build prototypes and conduct testing at the customer’s facility or at our facility to ensure that the final design is proven to work. We follow this up with prompt service should any running changes be necessary once the design is in service.