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    Midland Wood Products is headquartered in Mascoutah, IL. We partner with mills across the Midwest and beyond to provide our customers with good quality wooden pallets and pallet collars.

    Please call or email with any questions:
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    Warehouse Containment Solutions


    Pallet Collars are an easy-to-implement, easy-to-store, warehouse storage containment solution. Our Pallet Collars create an expandable, collapsible, and reusable wall around products on your pallets. They provide a fantastic containment solution for warehouse storage. By minimizing damaged or destroyed products, our pallet storage solutions can save you time and money while preventing injuries with an easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly design.

    Benefits of Using Pallet Collars:

    • Prevent Damaged Products and Materials
      Pallet Collars help prevent products and materials from leaving the pallet surface, averting the possibility of damaged products.
    • Injury Prevention
      Safety is a priority in any warehouse setting. Our Pallet Collars provide sturdy walls around the pallet which can aid in the prevention of injury by helping to eliminate the possibility of falling products.
    • Space Conscious
      The last thing you want is for your storage solution to take up too much valuable real estate in your warehouse. Our collars are as easy to store as they are to use. They fold flat and can be stacked and stored with minimal space required.
    • Time is Money
      Time is a finite resource that you can’t afford to waste. By using our Pallet Collars, you can prevent delays in production caused by the damaged product. An efficient warehouse streamlines production time.
    • Easy Implementation
      Our pallet collars are foldable, collapsible, and stackable. Assembly is effortless and they are equally easy to tear down. We have several standard sizes, but we offer custom sizes and wall heights.
    • Environmentally Friendly
      Our wooden Pallet Collars are reusable, recyclable, and repairable, which makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic storage solutions.